A new registration certificate issued!

Ministry of Health issued registration certificate for the medicine “Medroscan, 99mTc”.

We are pleased to announce that on May 24, 2024 the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation issued registration certificate LP-№(005559)-(RG-RU) for “Diamed” (LLC) for the medicine “Medroscan, 99mTc” - medronic acid lyophilizate for preparation of solution for intravenous administration.

“Medroscan, 99mTc” is a radiopharmaceutical medicinal product and is used exclusively for diagnostic purposes. “Medroscan, 99mTc” is used by adults and children for scintigraphy (radionuclide diagnostic method) to detect any anomalies (abnormalities) of the skeleton.

This product is a powder that, when mixed with a solution of the radioactive substance sodium pertechnetate (Tc-99m), forms a solution for injection containing the technetium [99mTc] medronic acid complex. When technetium [99mTc] medronic acid complex is injected into the body, it is temporarily absorbed by the bones. The amount of radiopharmaceutical administered is such that the radiation it emits is easily picked up from outside the body by special cameras and allows a picture (called a scintigram) to be taken. The picture shows the distribution of radiation in the bones. With scintigraphy, a doctor can tell if there are any abnormalities (abnormalities) in your skeleton.

We congratulate our colleagues and clients from “Diamed” (LLC) and wish them further success in the Russian pharmaceutical market!