A new registratioin certificate issued!

We are pleased to announce that on June 21, 2021, we received a certificate of state registration for a biologically active food supplement "D3 Omega" in the form of soft gelatin capsules 1350 mg for our client "VIRIDI LABORATORIUM" LLC (RF). "D3 Omega" dietary supplement in the form of soft gelatin capsules 1350 mg is a unique product for our market!
The active ingredients are:

- concentrated fish oil (Omega3 60%) - essential fatty acids for the human body (being a structural element of cell membranes, they prevent the development of atherosclerosis, improve blood circulation, regulate the vascular tone of capillaries, normalize blood pressure, regulate the serotonin content in the brain, affect the processes hormone formation, reduce the synthesis of inflammatory mediators, prevents the development of arthritis and radiculitis, improves the functional state of nails and skin, participates in the metabolism of B vitamins),
- and vitamin D3 - a fat-soluble vitamin, of a secosteroid structure, obtained with food or synthesized in human skin under the influence of UV rays, which takes part in the regulation of calcium-phosphorus metabolism, innate and acquired immunity, antitumor protection and many other functions of the body.

We congratulate our colleagues and clients from "VIRIDI LABORATORIUM" (RF)! Thank you for the joint fruitful work and wish you further success in the Russian market!