A new registration certificate issued!

We are pleased to announce that on December 15, 2021, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation issued a registration certificate LP-007701 of the medicine Fortepren® (sodium polyprenyl phosphate) solution for intramuscular injection to the company "GamaVetPharm" LLC (Russia).

Fortepren® is a new generation drug. It is based on "sodium polyprenyl phosphate, 6% concentrate" pharmaceutical substance, which is obtained by chemical phosphorylation of polyprenols isolated from the needles (foot) of Siberian fir (Abiessibírica) according to the original methodology. It belongs to the pharmacotherapeutic group of antiviral agents and due to its properties can be used as an etiotropic agent for the treatment of a number of socially significant, widespread and re-emerging viral infections.
Fortepren® has passed a full cycle of preclinical and clinical studies. The antiviral activity of polyprenyl phosphates against several families of viruses has been experimentally shown - paramyxoviruses (measles, mumps, distemper), poxviruses (ectromelia virus), coronaviruses (murine hepatitis virus; porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus, and feline infectious peritonitis virus), togaviruses (virus western equine encephalomyelitis), orthomyxoviruses (influenza A virus), herpesviruses (herpes simplex viruses type I and II), rhabdoviruses (rabies virus), togaviruses (tick-borne encephalitis and yellow fever viruses), picornaviruses (poliovirus, hepatitis A), retroviruses ( AIDS virus).

Conducted preclinical studies of Fortepren® in vivo on mice, rats, rabbits, cats and dogs, as well as in experimental models in vitro showed that Fortepren® in therapeutic doses does not have general toxic, allergenic, immunotoxic, mutagenic, genotoxic, carcinogenic, embryotoxic and teratogenic action, i.e. Fortepren® can be attributed to low-toxic drugs.
The mechanisms of antiviral action of phosphorylated polyprenols affect almost all stages of the interaction of the virus with the cell: they act at the level of reception (prevent the interaction of the virus with cell receptors on the surface of the target cell), penetration (inhibit the penetration of the virus into the cell), replication (suppress the transcription of the viral genome and synthesis viral proteins), disrupt the assembly of the virus (resulting in an increase in the number of defective viral particles), block the stage of virus budding by changing the fluidity of cell membranes, which ultimately leads to disruption of the life cycle of the virus and suppression of its reproduction in the cell. According to the nature of the pharmacological action, Fortepren® can be attributed to antiviral drugs with immunomodulatory activity. Fortepren® has both a direct antiviral effect and an immunocorrective effect in relation to immunocompetent cells, increasing the activity of natural killers, cells of the phagocytic system, as well as enhancing the production of interferons and other cytokines, which is expressed in stimulation within the physiological limits of the functioning of the body's natural resistance to viral infections various etiologies.
We congratulate our colleagues and clients from "GamaVetPharm" (Russia), thank you for the joint fruitful work and wish you further success in the Russian pharmaceutical market!