A new registration certificate issued!

We are pleased to announce that on April 21, 2021, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation issued a registration certificate LP-006964 for the drug Roxifuril (nifuroxazide) (suspension for oral use) to JSC "Pharmaceutical Laboratory "GALENIKA" (Kingdom of Morocco).
The active ingredient of "Roxifuril" (suspension for oral use) is nifuroxazide, an antimicrobial agent derived from nitrofuran. Blocks the activity of dehydrogenases and inhibits the respiratory chain, the tricarboxylic acid cycle and a number of other processes in the microbial cell. Destroys the membrane of a microbial cell, reduces the production of toxins by microorganisms that cause acute intestinal infections. Does not disturb the balance of intestinal microflora. In case of acute bacterial diarrhea, it restores intestinal eubiosis. When infected with enterotropic viruses, it prevents the development of bacterial superinfection.

"Roxifuril" is indicated for acute bacterial diarrhea without deterioration in general condition, fever, and intoxication.

Congratulations to our colleagues and clients from "GALENIKA" Pharmaceutical Laboratory" (Kingdom of Morocco) and wish them success in the Russian pharmaceutical market!